Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zen Lifestyles ER-01 Reviber Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Zen Lifestyles ER-01 Reviber Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Review

This is a great way to both relax and exercise - gentle massage for the back of your calfs - great after each exercise routine you do. My only quibble is that there are not a lot of detailed exercises given with the machine - you get a leaflet with the basics but that's it. The exercises I have got into a routine with are those I've found on the internet for similar machines. I would definitely recommend this (and have already) to others looking for something to fit in with the day.

Zen Lifestyles ER-01 Reviber Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Feature

  • Whole body vibration trainer with remote control
  • Increases bone density and circulation
  • Improves posture and leg muscle strength
  • Load capacity is 120kg
  • Comes with a 5 year motor warranty and 2 year parts warranty

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Customer Reviews

seen no improvement yet - lee Daniels - Cambridge
I've been using the product for 3/4 weeks and I can't say I've noticed any real difference.. I certainly havent lost any weight yet

It never worked! - C. Reader - Yorkshire, U.K.
This arrived and we were very excited to try it out, but, after a sputtering few "vibes" it shut down. We tried to switch it on multiple times over the next couple of days without success. Thankfully Amazon promptly collected it and refunded me, but I wouldn't risk buying another. I am, however, tempted by the next version up - the Reviber Plus - but don't know if that might be a risky and even more expensive mistake...

Feels great! - Kellyanne - United Kingdom
I bought this after reading a review in the paper which said it was 'one of the hot products for 2009' but I didn't know what to expect. It is much better than I expected and it feels absolutely great, it's also simple to use whilst still having plenty of speeds & programmes to play with. Good instructions with it and my friends have bought them on my recommendation.

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